Meet the team

Richard Benjamin Allen

Richard is Executive Director of PalaeoPi Ltd, a University of Oxford spinout company specialising in the development of automated photogrammetry hardware. He is currently Research Support Officer in the School of Archaeology but shall soon begin working as a Software Engineer for the Digital Bodleian team. Richard first attended CAA UK in 2018 and hopes to become a regular at both local and international level.

Chris Green

Chris is a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Archaeology, with a main focus on GIS in archaeology, particularly in regard to the representation of time and probability in GIS. He previously worked on the EngLaId project and is currently working on improving our understanding of the Roman farming landscape in the southern English Midlands. Chris regularly attends and presents at CAA, and helped to organise CAA UK in 2014.

Erin McGowan

Erin is both a DPhil candidate and administrative staff member in the School of Archaeology, and has worked on various projects in Greece and Israel. Her doctoral research is on perception and materiality of Aegean Bronze Age administrative objects, using digital methods to explore colour and light phenomena in Minoan sealstones. Erin is also Reception Administrator in the School, a role which extends from research support to cups of tea.

John Pouncett (lead organiser)

John is a Research Fellow in Spatial Archaeology in the School of Archaeology, with a long-standing interest in GIS, spatial analysis, landscape archaeology and archaeological prospection. He has been an active member of CAA since 2004 and is currently an elected officer (Treasurer) on the CAA International Executive Steering Committee and a co-opted member on the CAA International Scientific Committee.

Sally Taylor

Sally combines a part-time DPhil at Oxford with working as a field archaeologist in Britain, specialising in the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. Her research uses digital methods to explore fresh perspectives of Neolithic stone axes, focusing on examples originating in Langdale, Cumbria, UK. Sally has become a regular at CAA International and she is looking forward to Oxford hosting the conference in 2020.

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